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Soupman Featured in Every State Has A Story With Norah O’Donnell

Manchester, New Hampshire — Peter Kelleher never thought he’d be driving a big red bus down the snowy roads of New England. He also never thought he’d be a lifeline for thousands of homeless people, until his life dramatically changed.

Addicted to opioids and homeless, Kelleher’s son Travis died in 2016. He was 33.

I couldn’t save him, his mother couldn’t save him … his grandmother, he had that devil, Kelleher said.

So he started making soup for the homeless, a few bowls a time. But his mission has since expanded.

Now Kelleher’s non-profit, Support the Soupman, buys boots in bulk and stocks a mobile closet full of warm clothes. There are also backpack care packages filled with survival supplies. He envisions setting up a storefront to assist with his donors and sponsors to buy and item and the Soupman will gift an item of same or lesser value. 

Every day I hope to make a difference in someone’s heart, Kelleher said.

With so much need, Kelleher said, he will never stop.

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