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Support the Soupman Selected As A ‘Sub Abover’

Afew months back, Peter Kelleher received the news that he was selected as one of Jersey Mike’s “Sub-Abovers”, an award that had him slated to share Support the Soupman’s story at a national Jersey Mike’s conference in early April. Due to the current pandemic, the conference was canceled, but their documentary was not. Please see their final product! Congratulations Peter!

It was such an amazing honor to recently be recognized as one of Jersey Mike’s Sub Abovers of 2020.

As a nationally known name, it amazes me the scope of how far this cause has reached. This all started out because of Travis. I had to do something to help the people that were hurting like Travis was. Especially in these scary and uncertain times, they need us more than ever.

Thank you Jersey Mikes for the recognition and beautiful segment; not just ours but the other outstanding recipients.

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